Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nokia C6. Thus, Thou Will Be The Successor

After a week of analysis and comparisons, I've finally decided that this will be the successor of my late W810i. You lucky dishonest bastard who found her, please do take care of Tomoe, will you?


Nokia C6.

Her name is still in consideration. Heck, I haven't even purchased this baby yet. I wonder if it's available in Sabah already.

Main reasons that I chose her:

1. Wifi so I don't need to drag my outdated laptop everywhere.
2. Both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard are available!
3. GPS, in case I go to London.
4. I could care less about 3G support but it's available.
5. Minor hacking potential for running unsigned applications. Console emulators sound fun because there are buttons to press, unlike the touchscreen-only Nokia 5800, which is my previous choice.
6. Affordable price tag for a smart phone and such variety of features.
7. Larger screen without much obstruction from virtual keyboard - since there's an analog QWERTY.
8. I'm not fussy about the camera but at least the quality is better than 5800. Most 5800 camera reviews were sucky. It's 5.0 MP.
9. QuickOffice apps is available. In case of emergency, you see.
10. Large display for porn music videos, movies, series, etc - which I know I would forget to watch to oblivion soon. 

So C6, see you soon!


starRocker said...[Reply]

santek...tapi bukan kaw mensi nokia ke dulu?lol.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

mcm my phone! 5800! tp yeah. 5800 pny cam suck. Ok lg Sony ericsson sa yg lama. Brapa la? ada 2k jg ka harga dia? 5800 1k lebih wo..

Maariv said...[Reply]

kalau ko boleh tgk movie tanpa lagging atau starting to get out of sync mmg bagus. and then, the 3.5 mm jack.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Adoi lamanya x reply komen kau ni. LOL Aku x jadi beli kan?


RM1150, AP set. =.=


Already canceled dude, I bought Vivaz Pro instead and sold it too.