Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Need Your Contacts. (R.I.P. W810i)

I was very reluctant to buy a new phone for several years and stuck with the old and outdated SE W810i.
Perhaps, it was destined that the purpose of such reluctance was for today.
I officially lost it for a lousy reason,

I misplaced the phone.

Though there's actually a great story not worth telling to my grandchildren related to its loss.
Let's leave it at that. I will never tell a soul about it, never. Please refrain from asking me further questions.

The purpose of this post is to recollect all the contacts I had in the phone.
Since I was such a smart ass for deleting all the backup data of the phone which is less than 256 MB in order to save space in my 640GB hard disk. That's what you get for being stingy, virtual-space-wise.

So if any of you are reading this post and if you think you were once in my contact list,
please do send me a text message with your name in the message. That will be very-very-very much appreciated.

My current phone number is still that one with 019-36929xx.

Thank you,

I appreciate your phone numbers,
so are your existence as human beings and as my friends.


R.I.P. W810i.


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i am stingy too.

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