Monday, June 7, 2010

Black Out

The memory I had was vivid, though not a pleasant one. Speaking of vivid, that is quite doubtful too. If you ask me, I was barely sure of the time that the event occurred. What’s vivid is only the sequence of events and forcefully memorized disturbing details.

The day was bright and good, the kind of day which you expect for laundries and family vacations. I was doing something at the town, though it is really a mystery for now why it seemed to be difficult for me to recollect my memories of that day. I remember, I took a lot of time at the town, probably for some unfinished business. Now, you see, my memory of that day was a little, if not, a lot blurry and this added more mystery to this story.

Since I was a little busy doing that unfinished and unknown business at the town, of course I was bound by a foreboding problem. It was late and the day slowly crept into evening and swiftly the sky was as dark as hell. The night approaches and the business were not finished yet. Soon, I realized that I had to go home and it should not wait until later. There were two reasons that I needed to get home. First, those days rain usually pours around that hour and it was not a good occasion for a motorcycle rider. Second, it was getting pretty dark and on my way home, you would find yourself lucky if you could find lamp posts on the road. It was here that the story began.

The roads that led my home were pretty dark and the source of light ws solely from the moon.

-To be continued later on-