Wednesday, June 30, 2010

23 years and counting

first of all I need someone to ask me what's my current state of mind.
then I'll answer her,
it's mixed up but mostly blue.
so sudden i felt 22 years passed by fast.
tomorrow and next week,
i'll be attending an event which will decide a large part of my life.
will i be truly happy?
and most of all, will i be content with the choices i made?
didn't they say,
happiness is 'not regretting the path that you took'?
23 years
i felt like i haven't risked enough
i haven't been crazy enough
because we're the dwellers of safer grounds
and universe works in an equivalence
neither stones can be traded for gold.
nor glory can be traded with peace.
90, 60 days, i can't wait.
monday, that day we'll see.