Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coma, I Miss You and The New Practicum Hair

Due to the lack of internet access back at home since my parents do not possess the immediate need of internet just like us, the corrupted ones do, this blog had been abandoned for... How long? About two months? So hello, Coma is back on her feet. Sorry baby, now I'll love you tenderly for each passing day (if possible).

Yes, Coma is my first girlfriend. So I'd officially broke up with her for about two months. Exclude the two posts I wrote during the previous holiday.

Oh, holiday. It's over and practicum commence! This week is what we call the pre-practical week. A sincere reminder from Madam Rose, this week is going to be hectic. Let's see how it turns out.

Big news for me for this semester and officially after almost three years, I cut my hair short, very short for the first time. Below is the summary of my visit to the hair salon.

1. Opened the door.
2. Stared at the hair stylist/barber/whichever you prefer.
3. Stared at her again. (She's actually kinda pretty)
4. She said, "You wanna cut your hair ah?"
5. I said, "Ummm... Yeah."
6. She said, "How would you like to cut ah boy?"
7. I said, "I wanna cut it err... Short? And leave some layers here and there?"
8. She said, "Okay, I just cut lah, anything you just comment loh."
9. I said, "Okay."
10. Sat angrily as I saw my hair cut leaving only little remnants.
11. Felt like screaming at her "Stop!"
12. Done.
13. Still angry.
14. Looked at the mirror and feel kind of naked.

In short, I felt devastated (yes, devastated) seeing how short the hair is now.

Anyways, since it's short, I decided that I should give in to hitsuzen and comb the hair very neatly and go the first pre-practical day with a super nerdy hair.

Hell, it worked.

Oh one big news you may have missed,

I've got Convent St. Francis for my practical.

An all-girls high school.

I'm speechless, yet curious.

It looked a bit like this. I'm not Sylar, by the way.


Judiene said...[Reply]

going to all-girls school with super short hair?
that's not good!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

post pic ko.. hehe. Good luck practicum Jo.

Jessica Lyne said...[Reply]

St Francis eh?
trust me, your students are going to love you.
Work that hair Joe! hehehe

p/s what i really mean is - Good Luck and Have Fun! :D

t a u f i k said...[Reply]

LOL big time. the hair-cutting scene sure reminds me of America's Next Top Model. But you look nice with ur short hair. You look nerd but you also look edgy. (Anis, 2010)