Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's AE?

AE stands for Anonymous Emporium. Or so I wish.
Truth is, the AE in the title is referring to Academic Exercise, the final thesis for TESL course.
This thing is a kind of toothache. A throbbing toothache of the mind as Billy Joe Armstrong once said.

First, the title that I chose for this AE is irrelevant and now I have to think it over.

The title I proposed for the AE was "Comparison Between the Previous And Current Literature Components". Illogical, because it will be crazily difficult to find samples whom have studied both literature components

Second, the original and previous research I did during the Research Methodology course back in Shah Alam is totally mind-blowing. Mind-blowing in an awful way that is.

How can a research entitled "Smoking Habit and Academic Performance" be applicable in secondary school environment? It's a good joke though,

Thus, I have to think of another title of research by this week before time goes nigh.

No matter what, I'm still interested to base this research on literature.

I must!


Judiene said...[Reply]

do you like literature that bad?
what kind of literature do you learn?
i used to hated it but kinda like it now because of the beauty of the language
now i know you're a TESL student

t a u f i k said...[Reply]

your forte is literature joe. you should manipulate it and use it to ur advantage. about changing ur topic, u're really not the only one. Me too. lol