Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Adventure of Bizarro (and Munro)

It was one fine day, the previous day before Bizarro began his adventure. As mentioned previously, of course it was fine day, but only until the dawn. The night and morning before the adventure began, Bizarro had a sleepless night. He was doing something, but unfortunately he himself could not remember what it was, let alone I as the writer. Perhaps, a lack of sleep is indeed a good kick start prior to an adventure.

Now, now, he remembered something. The previous day, Bizarro received news from his friends that the free pass for the flying saucer which he was going to board was available that day. This free pass was supposed to enable him to fly back to the land below the wind without costing a penny. However, blame the flying saucer’s management or rather the learning institution, the free pass was given a little too late. Any changes for a pass of the flying saucer should not be done 48 hours before it takes flight. Now, how is that possible when Bizarro received the pass at 5 p.m. on Friday and the flight was due on Monday? He had about 60 hours before the actual flight, but rather unluckily, he fell asleep that very afternoon and missed the chance to meet the flying saucer folks and change its date.

I bet none of you are clear what in the world this adventure is about yet. Is it about flying saucer? No. Bizarro’s last chance to change the flying saucer’s departure date was the day after, the day that the adventure began. Now he just remembered the reason why he must change the date of his departure to the land below the wind. He needed to sell Frei, his trusty scooter on Monday. The flying saucer’s departure date was also on Monday. Don’t you see that there is something slightly wrong there? Thus, he needed to change the date or he would have to keep the cursed yet lovable scooter. The only possible way and perhaps his last chance to do that was the day after, which was Saturday and only until 9.30 in the morning. His only chance was to go to this station called KL Central where all sort of people with different colors and smells meet up for God-knows-what business every single day.

In order to ensure that his last resort to be fail-proof, Bizarro thought he should not sleep that night, until the morning comes. In that night too, he met this friend of his which was called Munro. Adding more to the already troubled circumstance, he asked Munro, “Hey, would you like to come along? I need to change my ticket!”

Of course, Munro replied, “Oh yeah, why not!”

So Bizarro answered, “Alright, I’ll pick you up at 6.30ish like that. So you better get ready, Munro!”

“Aye, keptin’!” replied Munro.

As planned, Bizarro did not sleep the whole night till the break of dawn. What did he do through the night in order to stay awake? He bloody smoked and went online without any purpose that it’s not worth mentioning. Slowly the morning crawled and there it was, the time finally came. It was almost 6.30 so he went to the bathroom and prepare for the supposedly short trip. Shortly, since Bizarro was such an amazing bather, he was done. Then with utmost confidence and hope he went down the stairs from his house at the 5th floor. He called Munro and asked her to be ready and ready she was. All the while, it seemed to be everything went according to plan. Or so he thought.

To be continued whenever I feel like it.