Thursday, May 13, 2010

Highlights of My Solo Trip to KL Today

1. No matter how cool you think the songs you have in your mobile phone, when it's played in the KTM, everyone considers it as a noise. Don't trust all those Digi, Celcom and Maxis commercials that everyone would be dancing and prancing happily.

2. Similar to the previous facts, no one would think that you're cool even if you're able to talk non-stop for about two hours and keep on laughing at trivial things and tasteless jokes.

3. Don't ever mix mozzarella cheese, rice, onions, tomatoes, chicken and sauce into a single meal. Trust me, it tastes worse than a failed fried rice.

4. I actually took three pictures of Asics badminton shoes, send it to my brother-in-law in Sarawak, waited for almost one hour for the choice, waited another almost one hour for the money to be transferred-- which result in suspicion from the shoppers I was trying to scam the freaking shoes.

5. Beneath the very crowded view inside the KTM, I had a view of this very beautiful girl... Until I saw her all the way down after the people disperse.

6. After going out for almost everyday the whole week, I noticed that recently I've built a remarkable amount of stamina. Boredom makes people healthy I bet, despite of my smoking habit.

7. Above all things, don't ever tell your relatives that you'll be back to your hometown late. If not, be prepared to face the wrath of excess baggage.

8. Talking to a Malaysian waiter in English as a Malaysian in an overpriced restaurant is the most awkward drama I've ever experienced, especially if the waiter was the one who initiated the conversation, with half-assed English.

9. At KL Central, I saw this two cool dudes performing a wonderful song only with a guitar and their voice, for free and merely for entertainment. Salute!

10. I bought a T-shirt which was imprinted with "Not Made In China". So fucking cool!

11. Malaysians are notorious with their habit to clog the sidewalk, either with romantic side-by-side walking style, or simply with their tendency to enjoy sight-seeing regardless of the clogging traffic behind them. Moving aside is not tolerated.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

i like #10~!

~Adorable Alycia~ said...[Reply]

Wah....wish I was there with u....^_^...then we will be doing lots of comparison and acknowledgment....LOL

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Good post, I always like them