Thursday, September 30, 2010

Young and Foolish

 *Cleaning up the virtual cobweb*

I wish I could tell you how terribly hectic my life was these few weeks and even at the moment this post is written. Intricate and procrastinated piles of work are still in progress and all these seem to be endless! Lack of sleep, check. Malnutrition, check. Frustration, check. Caffeine high, check.

Do you know what is caffeine high? It happens when you take excessive amount of caffeine in short period and you get irregular heartbeat, in exchange with energetic boost and sleepless nights. That’s just my theory though.

Heck, due to this, now I can proudly say I make the greatest latte and espresso which will put you away of drowsiness better than meth!

Practicum is almost over and actually tomorrow will be my last day teaching English. Today I taught Civics for the last time (hellyeah) and for the first time I brought my giant speaker and subwoofer, which I’d long refused to use for Civics because it’s absolutely unnecessary for me to use audio teaching aid. That last lesson was pretty unethical though but who cares, it’s the last one so I might as well do something different. Anyway, now I can honestly say, I dislike teaching Civics because actually it’s not Civics, it should be called ‘Propaganda and Indoctrination’. It’s over nonetheless and I had fun with them.

So what else do we have now it’s about to end? God, I’m getting a hysteria just to list them down. Just forget it.

Who the heck suggested this scheme of work anyway? It’s sucking away our souls day after day. Don’t even mention time management. Some of us are already failing at that and now they expect us to do better time management while doing many ongoing tasks at once? As a result, if we don’t come up with shitty work, we’ll come with obviously mediocre and redundant outcomes. We’ve just hit the punchline, dear procrastinators-who-expect-quality-outcomes!

Anyway, I’m beyond happy at the moment because finally, I get to be a student again. Just a 23 year old dude, free from a title emblazoned on my forehead, free from social responsibilities and stereotypes, and for the most free from daily lesson plans! I know it’s a universal agreement in the field of education that lesson plan is mandatory but seriously, it causes stress more than anything in the world and there’s nothing else in my life that stresses me just like this.

And essentially, less than a year to be young and foolish.

Why young and foolish? Because when you get older you’ll be old, stubborn, and foolish. You’ll still be foolish at some points no matter how smart you think you are. Imperfection, silly things that you’ll continuously and randomly do.

The moment you think you’re so perfect, that’s where you stop.

Ahh, what else is better than this? Let me out of this “teacher” title while I still can. Not that I’m shunning responsibility nor I loathe it, but let me, let me be myself, just for this short while. Aside from possibilities for other careers, most of us will be stuck with this title more than 5 years! 5 years. 5 years is too much of a period for anything to happen. Life. Death. Marriage. Love. Kids. Money. Despair.

And this reminds me of the constant question and its other variants;

“Are you single?”

“Why are single?”

“Who’s your girlfriend?”

and drum rolls… “You must be gay.” Heck, that’s not even a question damnit.

My answer to all these questions is,

Love can wait. Don’t rush to break your heart in rapid succession before you find the right pair.

But still, who says it’s always fun and shit to be single for quite a while? Most of the time it’s fun and you feel indifferent when people talk about such matter. But sometimes, SOMETIMES, it feels like,


Seriously dude, seriously. But it works like the high and low of tide. So you can cope. And trust me it could be a better way of living for all of you, instead of contributing too much in your Facebook-public-diary-of-my-love-life.

p/s: There are 2 things in this world that are limitless: The Universe and human stupidity, though I’m not yet sure about the Universe - Albert Einstein


starRocker said...[Reply]

love your answer for all the questions.
wish i was not young and foolish dulu.
*ketawa besar*

ladysyea said...[Reply]

not to mention la, tapi i think we have the same idea. check my entry
haha.stupid and young, well bila lg kn??
and hey guess what? im a teacher too.haha.
i mean,trainee teacher. nice words u have here.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

D: Hehehehe. I am still young and foolish.

ladysyea: Oh really? That's good to know. My words are not nice, they are vulgar.

Checking that post now.