Monday, September 6, 2010

The Borderline Between Illuminati, New Secular Worldly Order and Skepticism and Paranoia

The link above is an analysis of the recent Aidilfitri commercial from TV3.

Recently there was this Hari Raya (Eid Mubarak) commercial by TV3, a popular national TV broadcast station in Malaysia, which induces a lot of suspicions and speculations, especially on Youtube and of course, our fellow Malaysian bloggers. As an avid and keen consumer of information and media related to the Conspiracy Theory and the agendas of the New Secular Worldly Order, this of course had attracted my attention. First of all, if you know the basics of Illuminati's symbolisms, structure, and ideology, try watching this commercial and tell me what you think.

The main topic of argument stated in this video is why there is element of Christmas in the video? Personally for me, it's not a problem because such a silhouette of element prove to be difficult to indoctrinate me into switching my religion, if their purpose was related to 1Malaysia. I know some people are against this, but it's my opinion. I'm not into the mumbo-jumbo of 1Malaysia, just for the note. Unity needs no such concept, it comes from sincerity. BUT, when the post (link above) relates the video to the symbolisms of Illuminati, without doubt, it is indeed true. However, the biggest defect of the research done by the original author is the fact that it is overly-analytical, to the point of paranoia. I read the Committee of 300, I skimmed through Pawns In The Game, I read a lot of materials and media related to the Conspiracy Theories, I finished watching The Arrivals, but I've never once witnessed an analysis to such paranoid details. Most importantly, Noreagaaa, Achernarr and Abdullah Hashem, the famous and credible researchers of the Illuminati and Antichrist or Dajjal, they had never promoted hatred between religions. They deliver their messages with such hikmah, which provoke us to think, rather than indoctrinating us merely on beliefs and groundless assumptions and essentially, their claims are supported with adequate evidences, both from the aspects of Science and dalil from the Al-Quran. What's the original author trying to promote? Religious and racial tension in Malaysia? If that was the purpose, then I'd strictly say, I oppose the idea.

Some of the symbolisms are indeed there, though just faintly. For one, the infamous star of Baphomet was shown, though I can hardly say if it was intentionally drawn to represent it. The places which mark the root of Masonry in Malaysia were also shown, such as Teluk Intan, Pulau Pinang, Hilir Perak, and of course, Kuala Lumpur. Indeed, such accurate coincidence can be suspicious but most of the details appointed by the author are not that convincing. Just for the note though, the Petronas Twin Tower itself is often associated with the Pillars of Solomon Temple, which is final to-do list of Zionist agendas. About the other details which were mixed up with elements of other religions, I have no comment, since those will not do much in causing indoctrination and subconscious influence, compared to what were shown in Disney, MTV, Wizard of Oz, and other Zionist media, especially through television. This doesn't mean that I disagree that the element of Zionism did not exist in Malaysia. It's just that obvious. And no, I'm not with the opposition party or any party. It's called opinion.



Fits said...[Reply]

apa yang aku pasti illuminati ini sangat tidak aku minati. hehe

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