Monday, September 27, 2010

All Your Knowledge Are Belong To Us

As an educator, this post signifies something significant. It's a concrete evidence that I'm here in this tongkang pecah writing this entry instead of coming to school.

To my students who are reading this blog, I'm sorry I couldn't come, I'm far too busy with work I don't want to bother explaining, it's currently my major headache. I have to finish it or else I'll be living as a freelancer in the the next two years. Really, the idea of working for myself sounds intriguing. To my camarada reading this, of course, I'm referring to the thesis which I'm sure you don't want me to mention. Progress? Are you kidding me?

Instead of explaining about the thesis, now let me write some bullshit what's keeping me from being interested in doing it and also why I loath teaching Civics to my Form Two students.

First, the thesis.

The most prominent part about thesis and in fact the core of any written research is the citation. Every idea that you claim must be supported by adequate evidences, which means your idea is only considered valid and acceptable if it was supported by a well-established researcher, individual or some crazy bastards you don't even know. For each claim or opinion-oriented idea, it must be scaffolded by somebody before you, for the sake of continuity and credibility. I'm not totally against the idea of citation, seriously. But here's some thoughts that I had and discussed with some folks,

It is an act of preserving knowledge ownership.

"These knowledge and thoughts belong to us and we must be credited when you use resemblance of these ideas." (Just bullshit I write, 2010)

In other words, despite of the modern views on freedom of speech, the written knowledge is in fact is still under control and shaped by people in higher hierarchy. When it becomes a necessity to support our idea and in fact the topic itself was influenced by readily-available ideas, doesn't that mean our process of thinking is already influenced by external factors instead of originality? Sure, every invention is based on well-established ideas and bigger structure needs to be scaffolded with smaller parts, the same way as a brilliant and new ideas and inventions need to be supported by previous ideas.

However, when it comes to the thesis I'm talking about, honestly, all I can say is bollocks to originality. What we are actually doing is the parroting of information. Patchwork. Redundancy that brings nothing to change the education system in this country.

Who says everything that I said was yours just because you were the first to say it?

Just because you said you needed to shit first does not mean that the need to shit is your possession. In fact, each thought that you had in your mind most of the time will occur to me or anyone and I didn't hear the shit from you. I know this is a really shitty way of explaining this, but who gives shit anyway?

This entry is not supported by any citation. So don't give shit.

About my lack of interest in teaching Civics to my Form Two class. Based on the entries in this blog, I bet it is not difficult to see that my views are obviously not pro-government. I'm neither anti-government nor I support PKR and other opposition parties. But at least I'm not some dipshit who doesn't notice certain idiots who were trying to run a country with idiotic and racist agenda. Therefore, the reason that I loath teaching the subject is because... How could I indoctrinate them with knowledge that I personally doubt and despise? This is what we call politicizing the education. They are taught to love, to respect, to support, to thank the government, instead of the country! The same government who took the money for some projects I can't even witness or experience, for some comfortable castles I can't even step in, for some expensive cars that they don't need. So that's my reason. Thank you very much.

p/s: “Falling in love is like learning to ride a bike. When you fall and break your bloody knee cap, you get up with your last ounce of strength just to kick the fucking tires and hurl the damn bike down the bloody hill.” 


Merissa K. said...[Reply]

i cant believe nobody commented on this! this is pure gem!

anyway, i still remember that saying (dont know who first said it and honestly, i dont care) : if you copy from one person, it's plagiarism. but if you copy from a lot of people, it's research.

the society is still living in this warped dimension and nobody knows if it will ever snap out of it. that's the sad part. :l

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Appreciate it that you took your time to read it.

I've heard that somewhere too but I have no idea who said it first. Sometimes it doesn't really matter, right?

But still citation and references are important no matter what. It's just the way we use it.