Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Mark Zuckerberg Needs a Malaysian Admin

 *I posted this on tumblr but never mind*

When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook on February 2004, he forgot something that is trivial yet increasingly noticeable in few years time.

That trivial thing is to hire a Malaysian administrator.

Why? For a few years now, I’ve been accepting friends requests, stalking through pages, joining massive redundant and senseless groups, yadayadayada and I’ve noticed something, no, a lot of things actually.

Ta-da! The Facebook names of Malaysian users! (and also Indonesian users)

Or I mean, ridiculous Facebook names which can make Mark and his folks laugh their asses off if they could understand Malay.

Let’s see some examples:

1. Din Dang Datang Lagi - This is a real ID, try searching it. Trivia: Din Dang is a popular mainan dalam kotak which was popular in the 90’s.

2. Orang Gila - Real ID and there are several users with this name.

3. Tali Kasut Merah Jambu - Real ID of my friend but I don’t know if it still exists.

4. Karipap Ayam - Real ID of one my customers once ago.

5. Kentut KuatKuat - Okay I made that up.

6. Kentut SenyapSenyap - Also made up.

7. Periuk Nasi - A suggestion

8. Tongkang Pecah - A suggestion

9. Bida Yang Telampau - Also a suggestion

10. Buku Muka - Real ID and also typical.

11. IchaRatu KentutSejagad - Just found it.

12. Muka Pecah Rumah - Nice name.

I wish I can email Mark and tell him the meanings of all these names. Hahahaha