Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yeah, you guessed it correctly. This is totally a rant. No, rants.

For God's sake, where the hell is our allowance??? It's 3rd August today and we have yet to receive a legitimate source about our allowance. Some said last week. Some said probably October. Some said after Raya.

Don't freaking kidding me.

I heard rumors that our allowance is coming late because the money had to be prioritized for KPLI students first. Yeah you heard that right. We don't need a cent for practical. Those who drive, they don't need money for fuel. Neither I need money to buy my teaching aids. We could care less about preparing good lesson plans for our practicum. After all, we do love budgeting and enjoying malnutrition.

So, ladies and gentlemen,
We don't mind at all even if you decide to give our allowance on December. We really don't mind, not at all. We really appreciate this. At least we can put more burdens to our parents and siblings.

Okay thanks bye.