Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Recently, I came to a conclusion. Based on some personal reflections... At last I can conclude the criteria that will make me categorize a girl into my personal 'hot' category.

1. A girl with positive ions. It means totally positive outlook towards life. Or simply they look happy and a little crazy (not demented), not that weed-happy-face please. But being positive has its limit. I'd love positive ions, not dumb positive ions.

2. A little weird but not a freak. Weird in my context means she does not go ga-ga over every unnecessary thing like shopping, dresses, every single shoe available at shop, make-up, extremely vain about her looks blablablabla. A little is alright but moderation is the key. Don't fall into the traps of consumerism. If she likes unusual things, that will be better.

3. Drumrolls~~ It's best if she can play Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker so damn good. That will be so fucking awesome and cool and yeah and woot. Okay, maybe not.

4. She doesn't mind riding a motorbike because even if I had 100K falling from the sky... The second thing I will consider to buy other than land or house will be an R1 or CBR600, not a car. Motorbike is the greatest type of transport ever and more people should use it.

5. She speaks English with Costa Rican or French accent... That will mark 40% in the hot meter. Alright that is impossible.

6. At least, able to cook something. Simple dishes. But not eggs, instant noodles, fried packed foods or water, that is not cooking. I can do a lot better than that.

I think that's all so far. So now let's see what's not in the list:

1. Giant and bouncy rack is totally not necessary. It sips away too much nutrients.

2. Should be legal age.

3. Not one of my students.

4. Not dumb.


Judiene said...[Reply]

if u can find someone with french or costa rican accent, that would be great
but i love those who speaks with british accent
it kinda turn me on!

~Adorable Alycia~ said...[Reply]

Lol....that really does sound like a nice gal to hang out with....^_^