Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Broadcast From the Staffroom

3rd August, 2010. Officially today the second Setara test for Form 1 and Form 2 in this school begins. Also officially, this is the the first blog entry that I wrote in the staffroom, heck yeah! Since I've got nothing much to do after all for this week. It's a good news that I don't have to write any lesson plan for 6 days straight, but then it turns out this is pretty boring. I'm not implying that I enjoy writing lesson plans though. I know lesson plan is necessary and its importance but then, to enjoy writing it for every single lesson? Uh no thanks. But still it pays to see how the girls enjoyed and things working out after a frantic toil of writing it the previous night or in the morning.

Breaking news I read at Google News just now:

Gosh, these folks are crazy yaww. Not!

p/s: I'm not promoting pornography but hats off to those hackers who managed to pull that off. Salute! But don't try this at home.