Saturday, May 1, 2010

tumblr Alert!

Few days ago, I registered to tumblr and I was attracted with its simplicity.
So it was a birth of another blog!
For tumblr, I plan to write shorter (not that I write too long anyway), lighter and more hilarious stuff,
while this blogger blog will always contain more serious contents and my attempts on poetry.
Oh, I don't have a plan to quit Blogspot.
Now I'll be writing in these two blogs.

So if you favor my writing and mediocre posts,
do visit my tumblr blog at

The title of the blog is 'comawhiteblack', a sister project to comablackwhite.

So welcome!


kzee said...[Reply]

yeay~~~~~~~~~~ (dayl here).

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Cumil kans tumblr. Simple. And neat. :)