Sunday, November 22, 2009

Love Me Halfway

At one point in your life, you may have faced some sort of change, that kind which is deep and it unfolds a whole part in that core of yourself. It affects things that you wanted, the way you behave, the way you deal with commitments, the choices you make in life and other things that I'm so lazy to list down here. It is fine to have this kind of change, you know, in fact it is normal for everyone. The shittiest thing that could happen to you is when you become a victim of these changes. Specifically, when someone you've grown attached with had a massive change and he or she did it halfway.

Just like Fergie had her song Meet Me Halfway, the best phrase to describe this is "Love Me Halfway".

Probably it is an inevitable cycle. Personally, I think it happens to many people that it's not even worth mentioning. It's just that I regret myself for being too naive and my persistence to go with the flow. When feelings are embedded within these hearts of ours, it is so fucking hard to just pluck and throw it away. Perhaps, the past could be blamed, but is it strong enough reason to justify everything? What a terrible lie. If you ask yourself willingly, you'd know it well how things were actually. Put away that motherfucking ego and you knew it. Don't you even realize how transparent you were when you spoke to me?

WHY? Why all the talks when in the end there's nothing I could reach at all?

God, I fucking hate it to be given such humanity.


t a u f i k said...[Reply]

i like it when u mention "love me halfway"
i didnt even notice that phrase in the song.

M said...[Reply]

It's better to have loved and lost than never loved at all...

With all the changes that you went through, be it you victimised or being the victim of, did you learn any life lessons?

Things happen for a reason, things change for a reason...though they might seem real bad, there's always something that you learn about yourself and about other people...

Question is, are you going to dwell in self pity OR rise above it and make yourself stronger with the knowledge that you gained through these changes?

Nrvnqsr Seras said...[Reply]

Taufik: Ha ha ha, I don't think the phrase is in the song. Just thought of it while listening to the song.

M: Yes, indeed I learned a lot from this and for sure I'm seeing things in a different way now and yes, it's better for me as a person. A good lesson is not always something pleasant, right?

M said...[Reply]

A really good lesson is never pleasant!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Then I've learnt all the way!

Nrvnqsr Seras said...[Reply]

We'd never learn the easy way, right?