Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Girl Who Murdered Morpheus Episode 1

 Now listen, I'm going to tell you about this traveler named Ms Hanis. No folks, this is not your typical fairy tale. Ms. Hanis is not your usual, everyday traveler who's short on cash. She traveled so far away she transcended both reality and dreams - to the land beyond the two extremes - of nothingness, even.

Living up her name, she was the first person who is able to murder Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, destroying the boundaries of real and unreal. What is real now? What is real then? As a result, The World emerged, which you will understand more later on.

The balance of nature is disturbed. Since the boundaries of real and unreal are no more, no one is able to die. The world scornfully blamed Ms. Hanis, but she is nowhere to be found. Heck, even if they wanted to, the mechanism of logic doesn't quite work anymore, enabling her to escape capture. Illogicality is so apparent the world is thrown into a bizarre form of chaos. No folks, you can't imagine that by your limited, realistic logic, the logic of The World is different than your logic because it is both logic and illogic. Yes, there is a few logics identified in The World.

Logics of The World:

1. No one can die in this world, yet they are not immortal.

2. Pain is minimal in every occurrence of injury, but the wound inflicted is ten-fold. Say, if you accidentally step on a thumbtack, you will lose your toe.

3. Life is no more appreciated since everyone can't die. So The World's defense mechanism (partly affected by Ms. Hanis emotion) reacted by inventing newer means to control population. This is done by erasing one's existence once their birth date is known by more than 99 people. So in The World, nobody knows each other's birthday.

4. Weather, seasons, disaster, and temperature are affected by Ms. Hanis emotions. When she's confused, the wind turns to whirlwind. Once she feels sad, the day becomes cloudy - the usual cliche. When she laughs, parts of The World shakes with tremor. Natural disaster is called Hanis Disaster in The World.

5. In this world, love is overrated, boring and lame since love is now perfect and flawless. The first two people who fell in love since The World's emergence, are dead now due to prolonged boredom. There's nothing to fight and argue about once any person falls in love with another. Curiously, people out of relationships can still argue as the usual. Thus, the only way to be able to love in The World is to love your own self in narcissistic fashion.

Actually there are more logics concerning The World, but we will look more on that later. The catch is, the logics do not always apply and similar to weather and The World's defense mechanism, logics are also affected by Ms. Hanis emotions.
Chairs in the world looks like this! See the chair in different perspective. (Pinjam gambar jap, Hanis)
Now, what was Ms. Hanis' reason for murdering Morpheus. Actually, there was no reason, just because and that's the running joke in The World. Everybody in The World agreed that is the funniest joke they had ever heard, but the joke cannot be told or else they will grow old. Remember, the mechanism of logic is severely disturbed - funny and unfunny is now just a thin line.

By the way, Ms. Hanis is not dead after her disappearance. Remember, no one is able to die, but since Ms. Hanis is the source of the illogical-logical chaos, she is able to die, but she did not. Right at this very moment, she is on her way to the The Fortress of Logics, seeking for the insignificant black chest which contained the remnants of the original logic left in the world. Really, those little remnants of logic bothered her to no end. Her goal is to totally eradicate logics, once and for all.

The problem is, the fortress is guarded by The Knight in Shining Armor; the only person who was able to withstand the influence of The World and understand true immortality. He persevered because of his strong attachment to machismo and sexism. How is that possible? Remember again, logic is disturbed but not totally eradicated.

Ms. Hanis sits alone under an awkwardly small table, doing the countdown before her final encounter with The Knight in Shining Armor. Why the small table when she could have chosen a larger table? Well, The World decides that since he (The World) thinks it is cuter to sit under a small table.

To be continued--

This fiction is a tribute to Hanis Manis for her entry featuring Mr. Val.

Picture credit: Candy and Some Grass


Hanis Manis said...[Reply]
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Hanis Manis said...[Reply]
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Hanis Manis said...[Reply]

i killed the Lord of Dreams, i destroyed the boundaries of real and unreal, i disturbed the balance of nature, i turned the world into chaos and everyone scornfully blamed me.

ohmaigod. i'm such a disastrous. haha.

1. shit, my grandmother would kill me.

3. the gift shop must be super mad at me.

4. i macam Poseidon kan? cool gila. i wonder what Hanis Disaster look like.

5. i destroyed Valentine's Day then. high five to that! haha.

kerusi tu memang melanggar hukum graviti. haha! it deserve to be there.

i have the most strange sense of humor by killing Morpheus. dem.

and yes, if its a possible thing to do, i would want to eliminate logics in world. so no one would question me about the fact i-rasa-rumput-yang-basah-tu-terrorist. haha.

i cant wait to see you Mr Knight in Shining Amor. yeeeehaaa.

P/s: i suka watak i. everyone hates me, what to ask more? hee. :)

The Rebel Kid said...[Reply]

cerita ni memang susah nak paham. english tahap phd ape. haha! but still, korg ni kelakarlah! :)

| Larasephia | said...[Reply]

O my! This is a goodie, VV. Such beautiful words!

For I am a constant dreamer, I'm with Hanis. Dont ever feel bad, Hanis. Its okay (really!) to put an end to Morpheus's life. He's terribly old anyway.And it wont be too long until an inspiring muse (like you)could go claim the throne!

I'll be honored to offer myself as your comrade (IF you shall have me, of course) to get to The Fortress of Logics for your unsung mission, though I am, but a maiden with only one leg.( you see,last year, I had accidentally step on a thumb tack, so Ive lost my entire leg!) Yeah..I know..tragic. *sigh*


The Knight in the Shining Armor, be warned!

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

@Hanis Manis

Berapa banyak delete komen daa.

Anyway, the story is written with a bit of Gaiman's touch.

Your chair is special you see, try to look at it from another perspective, terus kerusi tu nampak tak logik.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

@The Rebel Kid

I wrote this story during CALL (computer assisted language learning) because the lecturer is deadly boring. Random ideas! Dah try baca the original adaptation of Mr. Vicious?

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

@| Larasephia |

Ahah, perhaps I could include you in my next sequel? A maiden with one leg and gun-totting robotic leg? Sounds like a great sci-fi?

Expect the sequel this weekend!