Friday, October 29, 2010

The Imperfect Paradox

*Old entry which I refused to post but what the hell*

Practicum is almost over. Three months of teaching English and Civics in total. Why the heck Civics? That's not for me to answer. Teachers are expected to teach anything without proper preparation. Anyway, what I have done during this particular time frame? Honestly if you ask me...

I think I'm a bad teacher by the usual standards.

What do you expect from a teacher anyway? Are we role models? No we are not. Teachers are human, salary-people who work to afford a living. We are not holier-than-thou kind of people. We have life outside of school. Teachers are human, prone to weaknesses, imperfections, flaws, mistakes!

In fact, the current treatment to teachers in Malaysia proves that teachers are merely tools; ready to be blamed for mistakes they don't do, unjust treatment by the media, scapegoats for parents for the children's lack of demeanor.

When teachers are in deep shit due to something that they didn't do, no one's there to stand up for the truth and justice.

When your children drink booze, take drugs, have kinky gang-bang sex partey, it has nothing to do with teachers. When your children got beaten for their shitty behaviour, it's not always teachers who are in the wrong. When your children demand too much of a freedom, that didn't come from school and it's not our fucking responsibility to shape their attitude. When they say shit, motherfucker, asshole, bloody hell, fuck, fuck off, goddamn, even in the most incorrect usage and function, I can assure you that came mostly from the internet that all of you dengan selamba badaknya provide to the kids.

Teachers should not be role-model. And don't give me bullshit that parents are the best role-model. 

Kids are getting more and more interested to be the bitches and douchebags they saw on TV. They innocently believe that the good life is about singing and prancing happily, having good money falling out from the sky, having a cool ride and girls with big titties, keeping and worrying about that so fucking good looks, kissing and making out and everything will be okay and yeah-we-won't-get-pregnant even after fucking with more than 10 people that you don't even remember their names.

That's both generalization and slight exaggeration, yeah, but it's close.

What the fuck is happening actually? Media? Bad parentage? Teachers? Schools? Friends? Deep inside we know what's going on.


una berry said...[Reply]

salute u for being a teacher.
I don't have any intention or even guts to become one though my parents both are teachers.seen the hardship.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

So what's your future job? Or are you already working?

I admit, teaching is not easy. Indeed there's pressure but we must be wise to enjoy while doing it.

Oh not easy. Really not.