Thursday, August 13, 2009


There was no more class after Japanese today, since Madam Yate's canceled her replacement class. Now how's that? Canceling a replacement class which is supposed to replace to a class that she canceled before? Well, we could not be happier!

Right at the moment I'm writing this, I still haven't finished, err, haven't started writing Article Review for Curriculum and Instruction. Damn. So come forth the title of this post, "Lazy."

Laziness is not a habit. Laziness is a sickness. It is a disease. Why? Because it infects everyone nearby to you. Believe it or not, the laziness influenza is worse than influenza A a.k.a H1N1.

Few evidences why laziness is worse than H1N1:

1. It spreads airborne. H1N1 don't. And in most cases, laziness spreads through mind and even through visual. Like those sci-fi films. I believe laziness came from extra terrestrial beings. Or Freemason. Could be Illuminati. It is humanity's threat!

2. H1N1 only infects some people and usually kills high risk patients. But laziness could infect anyone. There are no symptoms. Once you were infected by laziness, you just become lazy. Just like that. See? That's the power of this long surviving influenza. And laziness could kill anyone. With slow, worthless and nonsensical death.

3. Vaccine for H1N1 is steadily developed by WHO, which shall be released in 5 months if I'm not mistaken. But for laziness, no. It haunts mankind for so many centuries. Some people are cured. But as generations expand, more and more people are getting infected. And laziness influenza do mutate and evolve. Because there are so many kinds of laziness. Malas makan. Malas buat kerja. Malas belajar. Malas mengajar. Malas ke kelas. Malas berfikir. Malas mengira. Malas membaca. Malas menulis blog. Malas hidup. Malas mandi. Malas masak. Duh. And worst of all, I'm a victim of this influenza.

That's all! Thanks for reading. Err... Are you infected too?


Anonymous said...[Reply]

laziness doesnt kill people.. boredom kills !! LOL ..

Nrvnqsr Seras said...[Reply]

He he... Laziness could kill. But boredom makes people suffer first then die.

Fits said...[Reply]

semestinya aku jua terkena influenza ini...haha