Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Life's changed. Everything's changed. Some things turn to shit. Some got a lot better. Some just got stronger. I let myself loose and felt what it's like to be truly lost. I had life... Or not. Or wasted a year... to learn to be happy and stupid, but wise. Learned to be heartless... and sly. In the end, I got what I want, happy, but unfulfilled and discontent. The path was hazy, but now my eyes are clear.

And this... This will be the last post in this blog. Ever. I'll be back writing with a totally different identity. Anonymously. Unknown to the world. I need it. I need to write again.

Good bye.

#Valossa Vicious


Hanis Manis said...[Reply]


hey, there's no way to say goodbye. :)

Qiez Medusa AR said...[Reply]

see you around pal! Bon Voyage :)

Anonymous said...[Reply]

i'll miss reading your writings!