Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Note

5 in the morning and wide awake.

Well, hello there. At last I couldn't resist my impulse to write despite trying my best not to check the dashboard. Given two options, an academic paper and blogging; obviously I dig writing here. In fact I liked it so much it became an addiction--thus dragging the progress of my actual work! That was my reason for hiatus actually. I decided to stop blogging so I can finish my work and end it once and for all.

I don't really fancy writing thesis for two reasons. First, I don't want my hard-written work to be thrown to a filing-cabinet; which more or less is equal to trash bin. It's a bother to explain-- In fact I don't want to repeat myself, explaining about the quality of education even in higher institution. Second, I have this syndrome which I call infinite second-thoughts and ultra ADHD. I can't focus, only when it's about writing thesis--plus the constant 'catch-me-if-you-can' moments. I'm no Frank Abagnale Jr.

And not to forget, the redundancy of writing one.

Actually I've planned so many things to write about in mind. I'd even written them in my notebook. But I had to resist, I have to finish that bloody thing once and for all. Just a little more. But what the hell am I doing here writing an entry??


It's not the right time to return yet but I really miss writing here. Just letting you know (as if it's your concern, heh) that I'm still alive.

Unhappy Tsunami! (not celebrating it)

p/s: I still remember what I promised, it's in my notebook. Hehehe. I'll be back.


MATAHARI said...[Reply]


you're still alive, mr. val!

anOOan said...[Reply]

hehe. miss ur writing

clarky said...[Reply]

wahey! glad seeing you posting sumthin.

eszol raar said...[Reply]

n i'll be waiting

| Larasephia | said...[Reply]

my heart leaps with joy when I noticed the update. come back soon!!

*thank god you're still very much alive*

Hanis Manis said...[Reply]



p/s: gudluck on your thesis. be back soon okay. ;)

una berry said...[Reply]

good luck on ur thesis
then come back blogging okay?

Dark Half said...[Reply]

hav been a silent reader all this while. all the best for whatever that bothers u now. cant wait for the next episode where hanis murdered the morpheus

Merissa K. said...[Reply]

good to know. ;)

~Adorable Alycia~ said...[Reply]

Miss reading your blogs da ni tau joe...^_^....gambate with you AE

MATAHARI said...[Reply]

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